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Coaching /Telecoaching

This one-on-one program helps you integrate elements of workshop topics into your current day-to-day activities at work. It provides an effective way to include and monitor various tools, tips and techniques which you will be able to add to your ongoing work activities.

This is appropriate for all levels of professionals who are handling an increasing volume of communication and responsibilities. The coaching takes into consideration the specific areas of each individual's work requirements, current work environment, and interaction with others inside and outside the workplace.

Capitalizing on an individual’s strengths as well as improving areas of limitation is an important part of what this coaching encompasses. Current work realities are assessed, and a realistic improvement proposal is established for immediate implementation, resulting in a fully integrat-ed and customized development plan.

 At the end of the initial coaching phase a tracking system is also established so that through follow-up you can assess that goals are progressing and that improvements are meshing with organizational requirements as well as your individual style.

 Weekly Review Follow-up calls

This important customized follow-up work assists coaching clients to maintain and fine-tune their personal goals and processes over an extended time period and to ensure a consistent payoff from the learning. It provides a series of private calls with you to establish “critical success factors” and a weekly review.

This ensures that continued implementation and learning is occurring and integrating with your current work. It also allows custom tailored improvements to be added; based over time, in the real world. The result is a well-tuned high-performance plan implementation which both has your core personal habits reinforced and helps to keep it running consistently and successfully.

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